Update Bluetooth Drivers for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7


Computers in general, alongside phones and audio systems, comprise of various components that make use of cables, signals and wires. Communication among these electronic devices also becomes possible with the use of connectors, as well as infrared signals. And because differences within these functions appear too complicated at times, the only way of streamlining these processes is through a viable Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth has given birth to a brand of wireless technology that is meant to simplify functions relative to electronic devices. It seeks to replace cords, cables and wires and seeks to transmit data easily. It is made to make your virtual life convenient and worry free. And one step towards achieving the full potential of any Bluetooth device is through a corresponding driver.

Getting rid of wires is actually a good development to begin with. The purpose is quite simple, less pretentious and very specific. Bluetooth chips are also inexpensive and require minimal power causing more users to be drawn to it.

Common Problems

Part of today’s normalcy includes personal affiliations to various electronic devices. The list includes computers, headsets, digital cameras, and PDAs. We use these for personal and business purposes. Each device fulfills a need, and the more you rely to them, the more you need security and protection while using it.

There are warning signs that help you indicate problems. For example, if you are about to send files, and you are having a hard time processing it, then chances are you might need to install a new driver. If you are using your phone and suddenly, you are dealing with missed calls and non-transferable pics, you may also require a new driver.

Incompatibility issues between your Bluetooth and USB driver presents a list of problems that include the following:

  • Failure to send and receive data
  • Non-working devices due to pairing and matching problems


There are operating systems that come with built-in Bluetooth drivers, allowing people to use their devices with further ease. But since some problems are caused by outdated and incompatible software, the only remedy would be to download and install new Bluetooth drivers. Here are a couple of pointers when updating:

  • Variety in terms of available drivers is evident as supported by a number of manufacturers. These include names such as AcerCompaq and Belkin. So, make sure that you choose the right driver amidst many brands and names.
  • Majority of the MS operating systems are Bluetooth ready  just like in the case of Windows 7, Vista and XP. Meaning, less problems in terms of locating drivers.
  • If you fail to identify the device manufacturer, all you need to do is open the Control Panel and look for the Bluetooth device icon. Another option is opening the Device Manager, which is also located in the Control Panel.
  • Confirm connections between your external device and computer before visiting the hardware manufacturer’s website. Go to the Support or Downloads section and follow installation guidelines.

You can also download a driver update tool to narrow all possible choices. Click here for a utility that could aid you in locating, installing and finding your appropriate bluetooth driver.

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